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Pixel art isometric 32x32 px tiles.

The package includes:

  •  Aseprite file format
  •  Variety of ground tiles;
    • White tiles   & 
    • Blue tiles   & 
    • Red tiles   & 
    • Blue and White tiles (chessboard-like)  
    • Red and White tiles (chessboard-like)  
    • Grass tiles
    • Ground tiles
  • Extra elements;
    • Water
    • Metal railings
    • Wooden railings
    • Cylindrical tiles


  • You can use the assets in your game or any other project.
  • You can edit and repurpose the assets.
  • You mustn't  resell / redistribute the assets.


Buy Now$1.79 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $1.79 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Isometric_ground tiles_nectanebo.zip 68 kB


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Can you add corner tiles to these sets? There are slopes on N,E,S,W sides but no corners.

Hi there, thanks for the feedback :)

I'd love to add them but I'm not sure what you mean. You're not talking about those kinds of corners, are you?

Please be more specific in your request and I will update the tileset with the element you're looking for!

Thanks! Yes the outer corners which would fit between those gaps making it a smooth hill. These would be the NE, SE, NW, SW corners. This tile set has them https://opengameart.org/content/isometric-64x64-outside-tileset along with the inner corners if you were so inclined but the out corners are more important IMO.

Now that I think about it I actually wanted to prototype an isometric game with slopes that were half a tile height. So right now these slops are 45 degrees but you could also make a slope for the half-height tiles this yielding a more gradual slope. One reason for this is you can actually see the surface on these back side slopes which isn't possible for the 45 degree slopes in isometric projection. Hope that makes sense. :)

Hey I just noticed you have the half height tiles in the Aseprite file but albeit in a single color. Maybe you could make expand those to be in the main png file and perhaps add some corners for them also?

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Yeap! I'll get into it and I'll inform you when the update is ready! Thanks a lot !

Great thanks!